Seeing Satan in Every Sugar Skull

Seeing Satan in Every Sugar Skull

This little group of women were complaining about Hallmark’s Día de Los Muertos sugar skull ornaments, saying they were creepy and “seemed Satanic.”

Because I’m a loudmouth, non-business-of-my-own-minder, I had to jump in and explain to them what the holiday is really about. Because the idea of tiny angels leaving heaven for one night to greet us, and then being joined by the souls of all of our dead loved ones, is super satanical.

Then I explained how it’s become tied in with the Catholic observance of Allhallowtide- All Saint’s Eve, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. But I’m also magnanimous, I promised not to tell the Pope she called him a Satanist.

I didn’t go into Samhain, the more than 5000 year old Irish harvest festival, because I realize ladies like these are uncomfortable with the idea that their religion didn’t spring fully formed from the cracked open skull of Zeus, and is instead more like a giant Katamari ball, picking up bits and pieces as it rolls through time.

Plus they don’t even believe the Earth is that old, so what would people have been doing on Earth before it even existed? Like, duh. LOGIC ME THAT, INFIDEL.

This highlights why I’m not a fan of most humans. You have at your fingertips a quick way to research almost any information. More information than any generation before you was ever exposed to.

But people aren’t interested. They’d rather stay shrouded in their comfort zone of superstition and generally outright lies.

This is why you get the same people who are convinced there’s a war on Christmas conversely trying to turn Halloween into a Fall Harvest Holiday where children can only dress as farmers and rutabagas and we all dryly discuss crop prices while flossing diligently.

#Allreligionsmatter. As long as it’s yours.

This went on longer than I thought, so my gift of a rant to you on Halloween! May you be haunted by the very best ghosts.

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh!