See What’s Cool for Back to School

See What’s Cool for Back to School

Mid-July already? Did one of you sneak in and snip a few pages out of my calendar? I don’t feel ready for the mad rush back to school, the early morning alarms, the overstuffed activity schedules. Please let me bask in the warm, breezy sunshine cocoon of summer just a little longer.

One way I’ll work on extending my free time this summer is by taking advantage of the great deals online. I know you’re all with me on this one. No one wants to spend hours in overcrowded malls, claustrophobic dressing rooms, trying to snatch the last box of crayons from the pawed-over remains of a sticky sale table.

Right now I’m having fun checking out I See Me. What a cool concept! The site offers a variety of items personalized with your child’s name, photo or likeness- which not only teaches them to recognize and spell their name but also increases their self-esteem by showing them books that feature children they can instantly relate to. They carry not only books, but puzzles, growth charts, placemats, stickers and more!

I’ve seen a few companies that offer personalized books and children’s items before, but the quality was never quite what I hoped for. Not so with I See Me. I can tell their line was created with great attention to detail, design and functionality.

For instance, their lunchboxes. One of my favorites is the All-A-Flutter Personalized Lunchbox. The outside is super cute with a cool retro color scheme of brown and pastels on the sides, along with a fluttering explosion of butterflies on the pretty pink front. Now check out the inside! All of I See Me’s lunchboxes feature a chalkboard on the inner lid so that mom or dad can leave a sweet note. So much easier than scrambling for a notepad (or in my case, honestly, the torn off back of an envelope) early in the morning, then searching for a pen, then hoping the scrap of paper doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. That’s how you can tell these products were designed by real parents with actual children in mind. You open the box and: instant smiles!

53be023fd7912 These sturdy metal lunch boxes come in quite a few styles to suit the personality and interests of your little one. From dinosaurs, sports, cars and space, to ballerinas, fairytales and pretty gardens- I think every child will find one that they love. Plus we all remember the first-day of school anxiety. Will other kids like your clothes? Who has the coolest lunch box? I think these boxes easily pass the “cool” test and will have other kids begging to know where it came from!

Another of my favorite items on the site are their personalized sticker sets. These allow you to add both the name and a photo of your child. We all know how easily possessions get lost during the bustle of the school year. I have to say, these stickers are about a million times more fun and convenient than trying to Sharpie your child’s name onto everything they own. Plus seeing their name and face so nicely displayed helps give them the sense of pride of ownership that leads children to take better care of their belongings.


They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which always makes me happy to see a company that stands behind their products and cares about their customers.

I know you’re eager to get over there and start shopping. Just one more thing! I See Me has generously offered my readers a discount to make back-to-school shopping even easier! Use code UNIQUE during checkout for $10 off your order of $40 or more. Make sure you stop back by to tell me what items you simply couldn’t resist!




**Though I received compensation for my time in writing this post, all opinions are always my own. I will never recommend products or sites to my readers unless I’m truly enthusiastic about them. That’s just how yams roll. **

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  1. Oh! I love that lunchbox! Chalkboard is a genius idea! Im going to check out the rest of the site!

  2. I am surprised they brought back the metal lunchbox but I sure like it. I of course grew up with them but for many years they were ugly plastics. Love these.

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