Create Your Own Romantic Floral Topiary

Create Your Own Romantic Floral Topiary

Fresh flowers are one of my passions in life. They make me feel like a decadently pampered Victorian lady, surrounded by boisterous bouquets, stunning stems and divinely scented nosegays. My dream is to one day have entire fields teeming with a wild array of blooms, ready to be snipped at a moments notice. Or perhaps my own greenhouse where I can happily dig and plant during even the coldest months, crafting whimsical floral displays for every holiday.

However, living in the forest surrounded by wooded hills, I’m a bit constrained in my growing area. This is why I was thrilled to have the chance to work with the awesome people at, who sent me the wholesale flowers for this project. has a breathtaking array of flowers available in either bulk orders of one flower type or bundles featuring several varieties. They are an unparalleled online source for wholesale flowers, cut and shipped directly to your doorstep from farms around the globe. The box I received arrived via FedEx rush shipping all the way from California. The site updates you on their exact time of arrival so your flowers will not be sitting outside wilting in the sun. Mine were ultra fresh, appearing to be just picked and carefully packaged. The daisies, for instance, each had an individual head covering to keep their large delicate blooms safe.


The flower specialists at FiftyFlowers will help you plan floral arrangements for your party, event, or crafts. Their customer service team is trained to set you up for success so that you can order the right flowers for your project, know how to properly care for them, and be ready to create your arrangements. They even have a complimentary floral design consultation service available if you need it! To get started, contact them via phone, email, or online chat: 877-507-6737, or

Their prices are pretty spectacular for the quality, freshness and amount of flowers you receive. The bundle I chose to work with contained six large bouquets and was on sale for $149.99. I had so many flowers that I completed the main topiary project I had in mind and still had enough blooms left over for several small side displays. I will outline how to make each of these below!

The Romantic Floral Topiary would make a gorgeous centerpiece for a country wedding, a candlelit summer evening party or a girly pink birthday celebration.  You could tie the smaller displays together down the center of a long white tablecloth, with a sprinkling of petals and candles in between.

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Romantic Floral Topiary


  • 30 stems Pink Gerbera Daisies, 3 bunches of pink Double Stock and 3 bunches of pink Spray Roses. I used this package from FiftyFlowers.
  • Approx. 5″x 5″ vase or other vessel of your choice. I chose a pink ceramic vase with a raised basket weave design.
  • Oasis Floral Foam Brick
  • Two 3″ Floral foam balls
  • Scissors
  • 20″ x 1/4″ wooden dowel
  • 5″-wide Light pink tulle netting
  • 1″-wide Light pink sheer ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and sticks




  1. Have your flowers resting in fresh water and soak your floral foam thoroughly before beginning. You will need to cut your block of Oasis foam to fit your chosen vase. Since it’s so easy to work with, I actually just place the block over the top of the vase and push down lightly until the sides of the vase cut through the foam, giving me an exactly perfect foam base. If there are gaps, slice off smaller pieces to fill them. For more delicate vases, simply score the outline of the vase into the foam and then cut out with the edge of your scissors or a utility knife. Also cut a 5″x 3″x 2″ rectangle of Oasis foam.

2. Insert the wooden dowel into the center of the foam in the vase. Place the rectangle of foam on top of your vase foam, centering it and inserting it onto the dowel. Now insert the dowel through the center of each of the foam balls, spacing them a few inches apart. You can secure the dowel with dabs of hot glue or craft glue. Be careful, the metal tip of the glue gun will melt into your foam, so try not to make contact. Let glue cool and harden.


3. Cut three graduated lengths of pink tulle, measuring 12″, 10” and 8″. Center and tie them onto the dowel in the spaces between foam, starting with the largest on the bottom and ending with the smallest at the top. Cut three 24″ lengths of pink sheer ribbon. Fold each one over to double it and tie one length of ribbon in the same spot as each tulle bow. Trim ends as needed.100_1809

4. Cut the daisy stems to about 4″ and insert in bottom layer of floral foam. Overlap them a bit, going all the way around the rim of the vase.

100_18195.  Cut the blooms of the spray roses off very shortly, about 1-1/2 to 2″. Beginning at the top front of the top foam ball, insert the roses into the foam in a tightly packed pattern. Try to intersperse the smaller buds with the larger opened blooms. Cover the entire top ball and then work on the bottom ball.



6. Cut the Double Stock stems to about 3-1/2 – 4″, removing any excess leaves. Place them into the foam behind the Gerbera daisies and into the rectangle of foam above the daisies. Fill in any blank spots with spray roses cut to about 4″.  Add about 3 stems each of Double Stock and spray roses to the very center top of your topiary. Keep foam hydrated and the piece should last for several days.






Floating Roses



  • Pink spray roses
  • Shallow cut crystal dish
  • Clear plastic ball ornaments
  • Pink micro glitter
  • Scissors


  1. Cut about three bunches of spray roses to 3″ length. Trim the stems completely from several rose blooms and buds. This is a good use for flowers that have fallen off or gotten cut too short while you were working on the previous project. Open the plastic ornaments and fill one side with water. Sprinkle with glitter. Stir the glitter around with a  bloom and insert one bloom or several small buds into each sphere. Close the ornaments tightly.
  2. Fill the dish with water and glitter. Arrange the stems and ornaments in the water asymmetrically, you can also leave a few of the globes outside of the dish.  I arranged mine with a pink masquerade mask and an angel plate, scattering some petals around.




Bling Bouquet and Floral Nest



  • Pink Gerbera daisies, double stock and spray roses
  • 5″ tall vase
  • 5″ wide rhinestone ribbon
  • 3″ foam ball
  • Small grapevine wreath
  • Cakestand
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. For the Bling Bouquet, measure and cut a length of the rhinestone ribbon to fit around the vase and overlap about an inch. Wrap the vase with the ribbon, pull tight and hot glue along seam.
  2.  Beginning with daisies, cut all stems to about 5″ and arrange in vase, filling in with roses and double stock as needed. Fill vase with water.
  3. For the Floral Nest, soak one foam ball in water. Cut roses to about 1-1/2″ and cover ball with the blooms as you did in the Topiary project, leaving a bit of the bottom bare.
  4. Arrange the wreath on top of the cakestand. Put the rose covered ball in the center of the wreath. Cut the stems of daisies and double stock. Arrange them around the inside of the wreath, inserting the stems into the foam ball as you go. Keep well hydrated to help it last longer.



If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to help and hear your thoughts!

**I have received free flowers to work with in this post. All opinions are my own and I only endorse companies I truly like.


14 thoughts on “Create Your Own Romantic Floral Topiary

  1. Gorgeous flowers. You did a beautiful job! Easy to follow directions! These are some of the best flowers I have seen delivered to someone!

  2. Okay so while this is incredibly beautiful and I admire your work. I absolutely hate real fresh flowers. You put all this work into something that looks so beautiful and artsy only for it to die in about a week. I prefer fake flowers. I know they don’t smell great and they aren’t as pretty. But, it makes me feel so much better when I put time into making something look pretty, that it will stay that way for a long time. Just my opinion 🙂

    • Haha I totally see your point, Kristen! I have to view it as like those Buddhist sand paintings that get raked away or an ice sculpture. Fleeting beauty! I’m actually the opposite and it took me forever to be able to stand fake flowers of any kind. I will say that these flowers lasted longer than any cut flowers I’ve used, including ones directly from my garden.

      Oh! And there’s no reason you couldn’t do a display like this using faux or dried flowers. You’d just omit the water and it would probably be even easier.

  3. They are beautiful…. but I couldnt justify the price for real flowers. I have wildflowers at home and cant bear to cut them, I enjoy them in the dirt too much. The only exception I make is when the lilacs are out… there are so many and the fragrance is wonderful.
    I do have tons of silk flowers… I like those, and I change them out. I dont feel bad and they look great for many years.

    This is beautiful though I have to admit, I would love to see one in person. You have a flair for color, and they are so pretty.

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