Roe Iz 4 Hoes

I’ve decided to stay out of politics. I know a lot of you find it upsetting or like, gawd, super boring. I get that. And I’m a people pleaser. So I’m just taking some time to work on my comeback album of pop songs.

So far I have the ukulele-driven “Roe is for Hoes”. It starts out like “There’s a wire hanger in my womb and I’m thinking about you.” But I can’t decide if “Banning abortion leads to more deaths, you hypocritical fucks” works with “I hope you get pecked to death by a flock of endangered ducks.”

Or if I should go with the more more modern anti-rhyming scheme of “Babies in cages get me hot. But only if they’re Mexican.”

Suggestions plz.

Also. I thought I’d do an updated EDM version of “Steve McQueen” by the Drive-by Truckers, the only band to ever successfully work the word “mesothelioma” into a rock song. Because it’s never too soon to jump on the asbestos bandwagon.

In my updated version, I’ve decided to eschew all other words except for the aforementioned disease and just have the rest of the song feature dying people coughing up blood.

Stay neutral and have a great day!