RockABye Plush Character Rockers

RockABye Plush Character Rockers

The rocking horse is such an iconic childhood toy, but I’ve recently found a company called RockABye that takes the rocking horse to a whole new level. They offer a revamped version of the classic rocker in every imaginable character- from ships, planes and vehicles to cheerful insects to animal friends and fantasy creatures.

These rockers are of impeccable quality, they truly feel sturdy and well-made beneath the soft, cozy exterior. My older girls were commenting on how deliciously plush and comfortable they feel and look, joking that they wish they had giant sized ones for young adults. The little kids didn’t comment much, they just snuggled right into them with fascination and contentment.

RockABye manufactures the wooden parts of their rockers, as well as stuffs and assembles them here in the U.S. They’re made from American hardwoods and feature a baby-safe lacquer. They are a little pricier than some of the cheaply made alternatives you might find, but I feel the quality and beauty are worth paying a little extra for. And right now, I see that most of their rockers, which normally retail in the $160 range are on sale for closer to $80, which is pretty fantastic!

These rocking toys are meant for ages 9 months to three years, and riders up to 80 pounds. I’m not going to lie, our five year old was easily small and light enough to fit on both of the models we tested and she had just as much fun as the baby. Another aspect I love about these is that they are also educational. Each rocker features buttons that play an assortment of songs which help teach your children their colors, ABCs and counting!

One of the characters we tested was Jane The Train (she’s the pink sister to Traxx). She features hidden squeakers and crinkles, plus she has soft purple yarn braids. We love all of the intricate small details that really bring Jane to life. She’s a girly pink and purple dream, with a softly padded seat, flowered wheels and a pink conductor’s hat.

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We also checked out Beatrice the Bunny, who was perfect for Easter, but will stay in your child’s heart all year long. She’s a soft white bunny in pink overalls hauling a pretty garden cart which acts as the seat. Again there are so many cute details, from the basket weaving design of the cart to the little carrots on her overalls. She is sure to spark imaginative play and storytelling.

We thought it would be sweet to find her underneath the blooming trees in our yard, waiting on a path of delicately drifting petals. It felt like a magical scene torn right from the pages of a fairytale.

I know they’ll have a character that will suit your family perfectly, and that these rockers will be passed down as heirlooms for generations to come.

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