Purex Powershot Detergent Review & Giveaway! Ends 02/27, 3 Winners!

Purex Powershot Detergent Review & Giveaway! Ends 02/27, 3 Winners!

**This is a sponsored post brought to you by Purex Insiders.

I can’t quite decide if we’re the cleanest people who ever lived or the dirtiest- all I know for certain is that we generate vast mountain ranges of laundry. Anything that makes that task faster, easier or more efficient is truly a pure blessing. This new Purex® PowerShot detergent is one such blessing. The easy measure liquid laundry detergent features a no-spill bottle. In fact, it’s the only bottle that automatically dispenses the right amount of super concentrated formula with 50% more stain fighting power in every drop. Music to my ears, since we can also use all of the stain removal help we can get.

This was a total dream to use- it really couldn’t be simpler. You just flip open the top of the bottle and turn the bottle upside down. The mechanism in the lid pre-measures out the exact amount of detergent needed which you pour directly into the washing machine. BAM! Start the washer and you’re done.

Can I just say that clueless teens and husbands   no longer have an excuse not to help with laundry?

Our clothes came out fluffy, clean and smelling so fresh. I also didn’t get that panicky feeling you get wit some lesser brands, where you feel like you need to go back and add twice as much detergent to each load just to get everything deep-down clean.


Thanks to Purex, three of my lovely yams will get the chance to try the new Powershot out for themselves! Yay! It’s easy to enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to the US only. Winners will be randomly chosen and have 48 hours to respond before forfeiting their prize. Each winner will receive a coupon good for a free full-sized bottle of the product.

For another chance to win, you can enter HERE directly from Purex. Three lucky winners will receive a new Whirlpool washer and dryer, plus there will be 300 winners of Powershot! Just by entering, you can receive a $1.00 off coupon!



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36 thoughts on “Purex Powershot Detergent Review & Giveaway! Ends 02/27, 3 Winners!

  1. Because egg stains are protein-based, even after treatment they may reappear. Soaking is absolutely key to getting egg out completely.

  2. I like to keep a stain stick in my bathroom and inspect my clothing as soon as I take it off so it can be treated if needed.

    • Very smart! I’m mostly just happy if I remember to put my clothes in the hamper instead of crumpled on the floor- but your idea is better! 😉

  3. I just want to complain that I didn’t buy stock in a stain remover company. With two boys I go through a bottle a week usually. Ha.

  4. When I was first married, I didn’t know up from down laundry-wise. One of the first things I did was toss in my brand-new husband’s very white long underwear with a red sweatshirt. Yes, he wore the pink long underwear until they wore out!

  5. Oh I love the new auto dose! I always make such a mess with putting the caps back on! This would be so much neater! I dont really have any stories…other than I have a hungry washer and dryer…I think they eat my socks!

  6. I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for several years. I would be so nice to win this to take a break.

  7. Just leave me a laundry-related comment! Have a tip, a funny story? Do share!

    i do the laundry for myself..im still looking for a full time helper,,ha ha

  8. My tip is that if you have a stain, check after washing to see if it came out. It will be harder to get out after you put it through the dryer!

  9. I’m pretty prone to spilling (I don’t go anywhere without my Tide To Go pen). I’ve found that a mix of blue Dawn and hydrogen peroxide put on almost any stain and then rubbed in and allowed to soak for a while will pretty much remove all traces.

  10. I’ve learned to use those scented crystals every so often with scent free detergent! It makes your washer smell nice!

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