Precidio’s Snack in the Box

Precidio’s Snack in the Box

So in my mind, the thought of school lunches still evokes the classic metal lunch box with matching thermos. If you were lucky, your favorite cartoon character or heartthrob t.v. star would be emblazoned on the front. If you were less monetarily blessed, you probably had a hand-me-down or bargain bin version starring whatever your mom could afford. It’s funny how far we’ve come from those humble beginnings. Now we have soft-sided, insulated, embroidered, organic, solar-powered, music-playing, USB-capable lunch boxes that do everything short of growing robot arms to spoon the food directly into our mouths.

Okay, it might not be quite that extreme, but it is close. I’ll admit it’s nice to have options. One option I was offered recently is Precidio’s Snack in the Box. This is a handy new invention that just might take the place of Ziploc® bags in your lunch and snacktime arsenal. Snack in the Box is a BPA-free, hard-sided, portion-controlled snap locked container for ages 3 and up. They have two sections, each with an individual opening, so you can serve two separate snacks. They are also dishwasher safe.

What makes these better than baggies? There’s the environmental factor. These can be washed and reused infinitely, cutting down on trash and waste. Plus the boxes keep snacks from being crushed- perfect for healthier options like fruits and veggies. Also, the pop-up lids help prevent spills. Lastly, these boxes will never be a choking hazard, meaning even young children can use them- encouraging independence safely!

I love the bright colors they offer. The orange is particularly cheerful. I also love that these allow me to prepare perfectly portioned snacks ahead of time that will stay fresh. I can have a bunch of these stacked in the fridge and hand them out as needed- meaning a bit of prep work one afternoon can provide nutritious snacks for a whole week. Kids are less likely to whine for a less healthy option when you have these ready to go.

I have received samples to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own.