PolarGel Cooling Pillow Review

PolarGel Cooling Pillow Review

I’m the strangest person when it comes to sleeping. I’m always cold and love to have tons of smooshy, cuddly blankets on my bed to curl up into. Yet my head is always hot, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve mastered the half-asleep pillow flip to get to the cool side. I’m not sure what the deal is, I think it must be my enormous brain overheating!

So I was curious to try out this PolarGel Cooling Pillow. Apparently, regular pillows concentrate heat around your head, which is what causes you to constantly have to move to a new unused spot to find coolness. This pillow is filled with an advanced cooling gel that regulates your body temperature by dispersing heat evenly throughout the pillow.


The PolarGel is a generous 12″x 22″ so it covers your whole pillow, yet it’s very thin and folds up easily to a smaller size.


I was a little skeptical before trying it, but was actually very pleased and surprised. When I laid my head down on it, I was immediately suffused with an icy cool sensation. I found it just so pleasant and relaxing, like no other pillow I’ve ever used.


The material it’s made out of is slightly stiffer than expected and not really that comfy. I slipped the pad inside my silk pillow case and it seemed to work just as well, while adding the desired softness. One other issue I found was that if you cover the entire pillow up, it doesn’t really keep it’s cool that well. On the plus side, it only takes a few minutes of sort of letting it breathe (I don’t know how else to describe it) for the pillow to regain it’s cool. So while it does retain an overall coolness much longer than a regular pillow, it isn’t perfect.


For a more intense cooling, you can refrigerate the pillow for  a few hours before use. I actually found  another good use for it after working out too strenuously at the gym one day. I wrapped the PolarGel around my aching knee and it provided a really nice cooling relief!


Honestly, though it may not be perfect, my sleep has improved quite a bit since I started using this and I would highly recommend it.

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinions.

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