Pies Are Awesome, Vol 1: Pie-Modding

Pies Are Awesome, Vol 1: Pie-Modding

I wanted to review Pie-Modding  by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin in honor  of National Pie Day, but let’s be honest- every day should really be pie day, there’s no need to discriminate. Plus, after reading this you will feel challenged and inspired to take your pie-making to new and creative heights.

This is far from your ordinary cookbook. It’s more of a strange amalgamation of baking, crafting, artistry and alchemy that personally left me somewhat in awe of this woman.

To embark upon these creations, you don’t even have to make the pies yourself. She shows you how to modify store-bought pies, which lets you  spend your time focusing on the creative aspect instead of the repetitive baking. If you actually enjoy making your own pies (as I do) I’m sure you could combine both!

The book starts out with an informative section covering common tools and techniques you might need, as well as some tips on flavor profiles (which flavors to pair together and which to steer clear of). From there we dive straight into the projects, which are laid out with clear and precise instructions, lists of ingredients and tools and tips and options for each pie. There are step-by-step photographs so you feel like she’s right there walking you through each moment.

The designs themselves are the real star of this book. We begin with a treasure island, complete with vertical palm tree, moving on through a dimensional unicorn, a bowl-shaped flying saucer, an impossible-looking Eiffel tower, and more. She even covers pie pops, hand pies and tarts. The cream pie section looks like each treat was created in some fairytale land, from the girl and bunny party pie, to the gracefully gravity-defying white chocolate butterfly, to the fairy doll with her dress formed from a mountain of fluffy cream.

Oh wait, did I mention there’s a Cthulhu pie with the creature formed from sliced open strawberries? Yes. I may have swooned.


The end section features templates and patterns to make each of the pies, as well as a little gallery of the author’s other creations. From the Queen of Hearts to The Shining  to The Nightmare Before Christmas  and much more, her ability to bring scenes to life in pie-form is astounding.

The best part is that this book actually makes you feel confident that you can accomplish these projects as well, and perhaps even build your skill and confidence to branch out into designs of your own.



I have received a sample copy to facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.