Paper Birds

Paper Birds

Paper Birds  by Ruby Taylor and Kate Smith features 10 fun, feathery friends to pop out and make!

This papercraft book is both charming and enchanting.  Each beautifully illustrated project features not only a bird to cut out and create, it includes a portion of their environment so each finished bird has its own little nesting place in which to live.

We’re also given a little introduction to each bird, with their names, personality traits as well as lists of their likes and dislikes. For instance, Pablo the Peckish Pelican comes with his rockpool environment. His three dimensional bill holds freshly caught fish. The descriptions are cute but also give some insight into the actual lives of each bird species.

The step-by-step instructions are clearly written and easy to follow.  They’ve been meticulously plotted out. The pieces are scored so that not even scissors are needed- kids can simply punch them out, fold as directed and glue into place.

They’ve included a whole aviary of feathered friends, from a hawk to a hummingbird, parrots to penguins and even the less well-know kookaburra!

This book should provide hours of fun for kids and families, plus you’ll have a whole collection of birds to play with or display afterward.



Available from Quatro Publishing, list price $9.99


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  1. I like this. I like birds though and am quite fascinated by them. We do feed the birds in rebellion of feeding feral/stray cats. To be fair though, the birds are fed from an upstairs window ledge hubby rigged up. He has quite the menagerie that come to eat and he babies those birds so badly there a a number who call if he is late feeding them.

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