In which Super Bubble Girl battles the Floppy-Tailed Mermaid!

Yesterday was quite eventful! First there was a trek over the snowy mountains with only our faithful sheepdog for protection. (Faithful Sheepdog ^^^^ ) We nearly died in an avalanche and were forced to swim back to the island to regroup. A rousing impromptu drumming session lifted our spirits and we were ready for another … Read more

How to Pin Down a Husband Using Only a Needle and a Naughty Wink

Desperate to Become a Housewife? Desigual Has the Answer! Yes, that’s right. For Mother’s Day, this Spanish clothing brand wants you to be cute, sassy…and knocked up. And what could be sexier than tricking a man into becoming a father? Screw honesty, family planning or the already saddening rate at which children are growing up … Read more

Dredged in Flour, Deep Fat Fried, Cooled on Paper Towels and Then Devoured.

morel mushrooms spring springtime Ohio midwest mountains hills nature wild foos cooking preparation preparing gather gathering hunting forest woodlands early salt fry fried frying mushroom poisonous how to tell eating delicious woods finding find hunt

Spring in the woodlands of Ohio brings a rare treat: Fried Morel Mushrooms! The pioneer spirit lurking in the back of my brain, the one that wants to live self-sufficiently off the land, deeply connected with nature and the rhythms of our planet– that part of me rejoices at the thought of being able to … Read more