Tatted Lace Jewelry

I received this absolutely gorgeous black Tatted Lace Necklace from www.etsy.com/shop/TotusMel . I had never seen anything quite like it but fell instantly in love. It speaks of so many things- a bit gothic, a bit Victorian, a little steampunk-esque. definitely very feminine and pretty but with a gleam of darkness at the edges. The … Read more

Sewing With Kids from Maddie Moes

I received this adorable package from Janice at http://www.maddiemoes.com/ – all the way from Ireland! It was wrapped up so prettily with love tape and handmade hang tags. The cute muslin bag contains everything a child would need to get started sewing: a button-holding bottle with a pincushion lid plus plenty of buttons and lovely … Read more

Dinosaurs in the Making

Facebook has been handing out a recent spate of punishments for those they deem to be over-liking pages or posting “inappropriate” content (which generally turns out not to be even remotely inappropriate). The punishment? A 30-day ban on liking any new pages plus automatically unfollowing any pages you’ve recently liked. I’ve read in multiple places … Read more

SOHO Beauty Brand

I was recently chosen as the winner in SOHO Beauty Brand’s Pinterest contest. I am over the moon about the prizes: a travel makeover featuring their cool cases and a $500 Target giftcard! The package arrived, with each item so prettily wrapped in tissue paper and a lovely handwritten card in PINK INK <3 . … Read more

Shedding off old skin and new growth crackling through.

  I’ve been having fun playing around on Polyvore, learning to navigate the editing tools and add my own items. I still feel clunky at it, I have so much more to learn. This set includes everything I’d love to have in a grown-up, yet still glittery-pink-princess-at-heart, Easter basket. I absolutely adore that Damask Easter … Read more

Enter the Exciting P&G Best for Me Pinterest Sweepstakes!

Today P&G launches an awesome new Pinterest sweepstakes! If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of my pinning obsession. One of my friends even joked that they should just change the site name to Jenterest and get it over with. So I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about this fun sweepstakes from P&G! … Read more

Soniclear Review

I’ve tried several of these facial cleansing brushes, from crazily expensive to too-good-to-be-true cheap, and had varying results. The most expensive and well-known brand simply stopped working after a few weeks for no known reason. Others have been too harsh and abrasive- though overall I like the squeaky clean feeling they bring to my skin. … Read more