brainwashing and mind control

On The Spotless Mind

I’m reading this book on mind control and brainwashing. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, with chapters on various covert government operations, the military, underground scientific experiments, etc.
The chapter I’m on now has produced my favorite line by far. They’re discussing the Moonies and other pseudo-religious cults that popped up in the 70s, most of which turned out to be scams backed by huge multinational corporations that used young adults as virtual slave labor. They would have the members work up to 20 hours a day selling flowers in the street or going door to door selling crappy merchandise like vacuums for “charity”. The cash was then funneled directly back into the companies, with the kids living in poverty.
Anyway, as families became outraged at their children being taken in by these groups, there quickly developed a booming business for deprogrammers. Apparently the only truly effective way to deprogram a brainwashed person is by countering the brainwashing with almost identical tactics. They would snatch the kids from their communes, lock them in a room, and deprive them of rest, food and water while loudly confronting, berating and cajoling them.
After one grueling session, they were excited to phone the parents of a girl and let them know about their success.
“You’ll be happy to know that your daughter is once again a Christian.”
“….But she was Jewish before!”
Oy vey.