nügg Face Masks: Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Teens & Tweens!

nügg Face Masks: Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Teens & Tweens!

I’ll be posting a full review for you soon, but I wanted to tell you about these super cute nügg Face Masks in time for you to add them to your holiday hoarding lists!


They come in six different formulas to help with all of your individual skincare issues AND they’re in perfectly pre-portioned little containers so there’s no messing around with a huge tub or worrying about it drying out between uses. You can just grab one of these handy packets and go! They’re available in Hydrating, Anti-aging, Deep Cleansing, Soothing, Exfoliating, and Revitalizing. (So they really aren’t just for teens; moms and grandmas will be just as delighted to find a few of these in their stockings.)


The company is based on innovation, resourcefulness and kindness to others, which I love. How many corporations have that actually listed as a goal? More of them should.

One of the best things about these masks? The PRICE! They’re only $2.99 each, which makes it easy to grab them by the handful without any after-Christmas sticker-shock remorse. Plus the gift of glowing, soft skin is something your loved ones will be thanking you for long after the tinsel is taken down.

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