No-Sew Autumn Owl Door Greeter #Craft

No-Sew Autumn Owl Door Greeter #Craft

This fall has been particularly gorgeous here in Ohio, with vivid blue skies only broken by the occasional perfect plush white clouds, shifting columns of sunlight dappled through riotously changing trees. Just enough of a chill to make it worth cuddling into a soft sweater on long walks. I am not looking forward to the winter this year and have been trying to soak up every single second of autumn. This includes crafting days on the back porch, where I have to dodge falling walnuts that smash down violently- but it’s worth it for the view!

That’s where I came up with this No-Sew Autumn Owl Door Greeter. I think he’s a nice change from a traditional wreath, or if you’re feeling sassy you can hang him below a wreath and have both. A few months ago Fairfield was nice enough to send along some pillow forms and their new Oly*Fun Craft Sheets. I like this material because it can be cut and doesn’t fray and it can be used indoors or out, so it’s super flexible ad easy to use in all types of projects. I have a pillow post coming up for you soon but wanted to get this Fall Guy up so you can make him now. He’s super quick to assemble and I don’t think he’s too Halloween-specific- you could easily use him through Thanksgiving.



  • Fairfield Oly*Fun Craft material in Fudge, Pine, and Orange Crush
  • Poly-fil stuffing
  • White Chalk Marker
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors
  • Two green flat-backed glass pebbles
  • Paper to make pattern
  • Pins


1. Print the pattern. The top half of the owl and the bottom half should each take up one regular sized sheet of paper and should be taped together where noted. The taped-together pattern is one half of the owl and should be pinned to doubled fabric on the fold as noted. Cut out the owl pattern and tape together. Cut out smaller pieces as needed. If the pattern doesn’t print to the correct size for any reason, you can adjust with your printer settings. You could also make the project larger or smaller to suit your own needs.

2. Pin the owl pattern to Fudge Oly*Fun, placing edge along fold as noted. Carefully cut out owl shape. Do this a second time to create back side of owl. You should now have two full sized owl shapes. Also cut 6 feathers from the Fudge material.

3. From Orange Crush Oly*Fun, pin and cut two large oval eyes and two small circle eyes, two inner ears, one beak, two feet and 6 feathers. Also cut one 24″ x 1-1/2″ straight strip of Orange Crush for the hanging ribbon.

4. From the Pine Oly*Fun, cut 9 feathers and two jagged eye ovals.

5. Trace around each eye piece and the darker colored feathers with your liquid chalk marker, about 1/4″ in from the edge. Write the phrase “Whoooo is Welcome? You are!” (or another favorite greeting) on the owl’s stomach, also using the liquid chalk. You can trace over it a few times to make it more visible.


6. On the same side of the owl where the phrase is written, you will add the rest of the features. Hot glue the inner ear pieces, one on each side at the center of the ears. On the top of each side of the head, just below the ears, hot glue the eye layers- first a large orange oval, then a pine jagged oval, then a small orange circle. At the center on top of the small orange circles, place and glue one flat green pebble. At the bottom of the head, between the eyes, fold the beak in half and glue in place.


On each side of the body, starting at the neckline and working down, glue the feathers. I made mine overlap and added them in a pattern of threes- green, orange, brown at the top, brown, green, orange in the middle and orange, brown, green at the bottom. Do the opposite on the second side.


7. Tie a bow at the center of the long strip of orange material. On the backside of the decorated owl, at the top of the head, placing each side close to the ears, glue the strip about 1″ down on each end.

On the bottom of the backside of the decorated owl, glue the feet about 1/2″ in on each side of the body.

8. Pin the large owl pieces together, with the decorated side of the owl in front. As you pin, the ribbon and feet should be outside of the owl, with just the glued-on edges catching inside. When you reach the bottom, pause in your pinning and lightly stuff the owl with Poly-fil to give it some dimension. Now glue the large owl pieces together, removing pins as you go and making sure no holes are left open.  I also chose to glue three Pine feathers at the bottom back side of the owl in a straight line for a tail.

Hang and enjoy!




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