NEW Exuviance Illumination Duo Review

NEW Exuviance Illumination Duo Review

In my ongoing quest to find THE very best skincare products (the kind grandmothers possessively hoard and pass down in their wills to their fresh-faced granddaughters!) I’ve been trying out the new Illumination Duo from Exuviance.


This is an intriguing concept that I haven’t seen elsewhere. The duo consists of the Evening Restorative Complex, which is an intensive cream that contains gluconolactone and lactobionic acid, as ell as pro-vitamins A, E & C. Alone, it’s designed to fight the signs of aging, dry and damaged skin. However, the second part of the pair is the Vitamin C+ Anti-Aging Booster, which is a powder designed to be mixed in with your daily moisturizer. It contains a powerful blend of 100% active Vitamin C and the super-antioxideant Aceta-C that combine to fade dark spots, fight aging and strengthen the skin.


I know, I’m throwing around a lot of big words when really you just want to hear how well it works. The Restorative Complex is nicely packaged in a pump bottle that I find much more sanitary than open-mouthed jars etc that require you to stick your fingers into. The cream is light blue and very rich, substantial without being super-thick. Upon first application it did feel a little oily/sticky to the touch. I found this faded after a minute or so as my skin absorbed the moisture. I was left with a smooth face that was noticeably softer to the touch.


The Antiaging Booster comes with a tiny scoop that makes it easy to mix with your moisturizer right in the palm of your hand. I don’t have any visible dark spots on my face, but I tend to go with the prevention is best school of thought in skincare. I also do have some dark marks on my arms left over from a childhood issue. Though these products were designed for the face, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the Booster out on those marks in small dabs.

After about a week of use I definitely have seen a visible difference in the smoothness, brightness and tone of my facial skin. I think long-term use of this combo will yield even better and more lasting results. I didn’t see much fading yet with the Booster on my arms, BUT I doubt if a week is long enough to expect those kind of changes. I’m plan to keep using the products and will update you on any further developments!

If you’d like to try this potent skincare cocktail out for yourself , it’s now available at and ULTA stores nationwide. The pair is a $120 value, but available at retail for $77!

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