Mooshu Trainers

Mooshu Trainers

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Most of you probably already know I’m shoe-crazy. But you know what makes me even more bonkers than shoes for me? Shoes for the little ones! And these adorable T-Straps from Mooshu Trainers are high on my list of awesome right now.

The Mooshu Trainers Collection is filled with beautiful, well-made, high-quality shoes. But what sets them apart can be heard more than seen. Each shoe has a squeaker hidden in the sole that helps train newly ambulatory toddlers to walk with a proper heel-to-toe gait. They also feature flexible soles and soft materials that make wearing them a pleasure for your child.

The Evie T-Straps in Sky blue are one of my favorite styles, because– well, duh. Sparkle! They feature a glittery center flower that will make them the star of any outfit. They are made of breathable canvas with a durable rubber sole and are available in sizes 3-9. They also have an adjustable Velcro strap, easy for quick changes and also for kids in the “No, me!” stage of independence.

Mooshu Trainers also come in a wide variety of other styles for both boys and girls, from sandals to Mary Janes, sneakers to bowler shoes and cowboy boots to fringed boots.

One thing I like is that you can actually remove the squeakers if you either don’t need them anymore or the sound just gets old. They come with a replacement non-squeaker that can be switched out of the shoes. This is probably a good option if you have a dog like ours who thinks anything that squeaks is OBVIOUSLY his chewy toy.

Aside from that, be prepared to fall over from cuteness, watching your little one squeak around in these precious shoes!