Miss Naughty Wolf

Miss Naughty Wolf

This is the lovely Miss Naughty Wolf. She’s a wild woodland creature who loves to romp and chase through the trees, wallow in the cool water of the creek and bask in the sunshine.



Someone abandoned her here as a puppy, and she got her name from her razor-sharp, ankle-biting puppy teeth. For the first year of her life we all learned to sit with our feet curled under us for safety. We started debating if she was part fox, part possum or part wolf…and thus the Wolfen dog was named.



She’s such a good-natured sweetheart. She went from an ankle-biter who was always getting herself into trouble to a melting puddle of love whenever she sees us. There will never be any perfectly posed portraits of her, only wacky angles as she tries to crawl into my lap or twists around my feet begging for a tummy rub.