Miracle Coat Shampoo Review

Miracle Coat Shampoo Review

Recently Monsieur Thunderpaw went for his first professional haircut, which was no small feat. (I’ve clipped him at home once before, but, well, we still don’t speak of that incident. Let’s just say it was much like when you were in the third grade and your mom cut your hair with a salad bowl as a guide the night before picture day.) He probably lost half his bodyweight in fur. So overnight he went from a giant puffball of fluff to a slim, demure little lamb. Personally, I like the fuzzy look on him, but since he’s still a puppy he loves to dig in my flowerbeds roll in the leaves and generally cause lots of mischief that ends up with dirty, matted fur.

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Anyway! In my efforts to grow out his fur again and keep it looking shiny and unmatted, I decided to try this Miracle Coat Shampoo. It comes in four varieties, but I went with the Long and Silky which contains extra conditioners to loosen tangles and mats which makes after bath brush outs easy. And you know the spoiled little darling loves his afterbath brushy time. Also his middle of the day brushy time. His late night brushy time. Basically, if I’m sitting still, he grabs his brush and brings it to me to let me know he’s being horribly neglected. It’s a tough life he has, really.

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Back to the shampoo! I thought it had a pleasant smell, not overpoweringly floral or anything. It made a nice sudsy lather and didn’t irritate his skin. It definitely did a nice job getting his white coat clean. Both his skin and his fur felt softer and more moisturized after using this. His fur has started to grow out a bit since I started using this and it’s helping to keep the mats an tangles away. I will continue to use it with confidence as his coat grows out even more.

If you have another type of dog, they have you covered with different formulas. Curly and Wiry: Fortified with botanicals that nurture the skin and coat without over conditioning



Short and Smooth: Colloidal oatmeal and wheat germ oil condition both the skin and coat


Thick and Dense: Low Sudsing, gentel formula thoroughly cleanses and maintains the undercoat without stripping