Mediflow Waterbase Pillows: A Floating Comfort Experience

Mediflow Waterbase Pillows: A Floating Comfort Experience

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For some reason, the more stressed out I get, the weirder I sleep. You know how sometimes you’ll sleep with your arm or leg positioned wrong and it “falls asleep”, causing that pins and needles sensation until you work the bloodflow back into it? I get that, only sometimes it feels like I slept wrong on my HEAD. That’s why I’m always happy to try out new pillows, and these Mediflow Waterbase Pillows are definitely something I’ve never seen before.

These therapeutic water pillows are actually clinically shown to provide better sleep over all other pillows tested. The pillows have a layer of  Combed Loft fiber that feels like sleeping on your own little puffy cloud. They offer several pillows and price ranges, but their Floating Comfort pillow is my favorite. It combines the combed loft with an exclusive Responsive Support water pocket that is adjustable to your exact preference. It’s like the best part of sleeping on a water bed, without the patchouli and love beads.

The water base helps the pillow conform exactly to the contours of your head and neck- plus it adjusts as you move in your sleep.


In case you’re worried about these bursting like the aforementioned water beds were wont to do, they actually come with multi-year guarantees.

Mediflow offers single pillows from $39.99 to $79.99, as well as value double packs.

I would highly recommend these for a comfy night’s sleep!

Super soft 300 Thread count cover.

This is the cap where you fill the water insert.


Funnel/Wrench tool for filling.