Mattress Stores Are Greedy

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You may not realize this, but Mattress Stores are Greedy! Did you know that mattresses are usually marked up between six and twelve times between being made at the factory and being sold? So you’re not really paying for a mattress at all- you’re simply paying for silly marketing strategies and lofty showroom commissions.

Since Tuft & Needle sells directly to you, they can cut out the ridiculously ballooning middleman costs. No fluff, just a fluffy mattress! Tuft & Needle creates the highest rated mattresses in the world. The quality mattresses are made by expert craftsmen  in the USA and are exquisitely designed to give you a great night’s sleep.

And much like they’ve removed the layers of people you have to go through to purchase a mattress, they’ve also stripped down the modern trendy version of what a bed should be. Instead of stacking layer upon layer inside their mattresses, which impedes airflow, they’ve reduced the layers to only two, which allows for a much more breathable mattress and a better, more comfortable sleep.

Check out their cool new video and see if these innovative mattresses are for you!