Makeup by One Direction Haul! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

Makeup by One Direction Haul! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

As I mentioned in my previous giveaway post, One Direction will soon be releasing an awesome new make-up line. While we all wait with fingers crossed to see who the winners of the giveaway will be, I want to take this time to show you one of the collections in their line. That’s right, you’re seeing this before ANYONE else! It isn’t even available in stores yet!

Each collection has its own fun personality, but I’m particularly smitten with the one I got to test out: Take Me Home. I love how it comes in a slip-cased collectable metal tin. It’s a beautiful case to keep your makeup in, but long after the makeup has been used it’s also a fantastic way to store your One Direction keepsakes and mementos.


The inside of the lid features a cool diagram to give you ideas for some different eye looks to try out, complete with the name of each color to use and where.


Speaking of which, the colors are gorgeous- from wild and glittery to more smoky and subtle, they give you a wide range of options. The eyeshadow compact comes with a little two-sided brush (one sponge side and one brushy side). Back For You is going to be the backup singer for most of your looks, it’s a pale fleshtone peach. Change my mind is one of my favorites, a  soft micro-glittery  peachy pink that just shimmers so prettily. C’mon C’mon is a medium grayish brown to help with those smoky looks I was talking about. Little Things is a darker, truer brown, good for definition. And Take Me Home, the center star, is a chunkier glitter in pure gold. That’s my other favorite, but you kittens know I’m a glitter fiend, so no one is surprised.


The lipgloss, Kiss You is a glowing, glittery dreamsicle confection of orange and gold. This is definitely for the girl who doesn’t wanna take it slow. Only wear this if you want all his attention to be focused on your lips!


The lipstick Last First Kiss is a still bold, but slightly more traditional dark bubble gum pink. You could try layering the lipgloss on top for some wild effects!

The wide-tipped eyepencil, I Wish, is a dark brown close to Little Things and will help you complete a nice smokey eyed look.



Live While We’re Young is a disco-ball glitter explosion of gold with green and coppery highlights thrown in. Your nails are here to party while wearing this, there can be no doubt.


One of the funnest parts of the kit are these stencils. You can let your creativity go wild while placing iconic 1D symbols anywhere you like!

All together, a pretty great collection. I’m so happy they didn’t skimp on quality or design- it would have been easy to just throw some crappy makeup in a box and count on their diehard fans to buy it anyway.

I know you’re dying to get your hot little hands on one of these boxes! International release dates are still to be determined but The Looks Collection will be available in the US on the following dates:

Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor – August 25th

I will keep you updated on any further news as it comes my way!


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