Look Like a Flower Design Genius With Bloominous!

Look Like a Flower Design Genius With Bloominous!

I’m in love with the concept of this new site, Bloominous. They offer such a fresh, innovative approach to DIY flower projects. It’s one of those ideas that’s so perfect, you wonder why no one thought of it before.

The concept combines several of my favorite things: gorgeous flowers, fabulous tablescapes and a DIY mentality. The sweetest part, though, is they’ve taken all the hard work and hassle out of doing it yourself. You girls who are always telling me you have no creativity or craftiness should listen up!

Bloominous does all the designing, gathering and planning for you. They deliver fresh-cut flowers by air straight from the farm, which have thoughtfully been dethorned and pre-portioned to make arrangement an absolute breeze. They offer step-by-step pictorals that allow you to create beautiful bouquets in just 15 minutes. And though they’re designed with weddings in mind, I could easily see using them for holidays, dinner parties and other occasions.

For instance, this centerpiece from the Party Pop collection includes everything you need:  fresh roses, pins, ribbons, vase and video instructions.

They currently feature five different pre-designed collections to suit a variety of needs. Each style is thoughtfully curated to bring your dream table alive. My favorite is the Party Pop collection pictured and mentioned above. The sweet yet vibrant pink and coral roses are a girly fantasy made real.

The Vintage Cottage Collection has a sort of country chic, as if you’ve stopped to have your wedding dinner at a French sidewalk cafe that just happens to have baby pink roses spilling down the whitewashed brick walls, petals gathering in drifts around your feet.


I have entire Pinterest boards dedicated to Bohemian style, so I am intrigued by the Bohemian Desert Collection. I picture a gypsy caravan party, with jewel-toned, richly embroidered fabrics covering every surface. Mismatched velvet and silk cushions for the guests to recline upon. Colored lights strung by the thousands across the sky.


Country Charm is a sunlight-infused collection of happiness and warmth, yellow roses and sunflowers competing to see who can glow brighter. This is a more rustic collection. I picture long braids under handed-down lace and heaps of delicious homemade food.


The Eco Chic collection is more subdued and modern, an unusual choice, all dressed in green. I love the succulent favors- a plant you don’t often see incorporated into wedding decor.


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