Locking Diary for Girls with Feathered Pen and Stickers!

Locking Diary for Girls with Feathered Pen and Stickers!

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When you have a house full of girls, privacy can be at a high premium. I love the princesses, but I have to admit they are a bunch of nosy little snoops. That means I get to listen not only to the whining about privacy being invaded, I also have to endure the endless tattling on each other over info found by sneaky means. I’ve tried explaining that unless it’s life-threatening (to the child or someone else) I don’t want to hear it. But, well, young ladies do persist.

These diaries from SmitCo. are a nice solution to part of my problem. Not only are they completely adorable, they also feature a sturdy heart-shaped lock to guard the burgeoning secrets of the young girl set. The lock has a pink crown and comes with two heart-topped keys that could easily be worn on a necklace or hidden away safely.

The diary itself is small enough to easily be tucked into a purse or backpack, yet not annoyingly small. It has a substantial hardback cover with a whimsical design. Swirls of zebra print and polka dots frame a scattering of girly accoutrements, such as the Eiffel Tower, perfume sprayer, dress form (with a dimensional skirt and pink bow) , shoes, purse, mirror, and at the center another large crown decorated with glittering jewels.

This also comes with cute accessories, including a pink feather-topped pen, a sheet of shiny metallic stickers and a sheet of stick-on jewels. Girls can use these to decorate their diary entries or further personalize the cover.  It’s a sweet gift set that would make a perfect gift for birthdays or any holiday.

SmitCo offers a variety of other cute gifts for girls and teens, from kits for tattoos, nail polish, scrapbooking, to heart and cross pendants and dress up clothes.



2 thoughts on “Locking Diary for Girls with Feathered Pen and Stickers!

  1. If Smitco was serious, that diary would come complete with a true industrial grade lock. The even just mildly determined would be able to have that lock open , secrets read, and lock reclosed in a very short time.

    • Listen, Miss Bad Influence Aunt Sue! I thought about saying if you really wanted your secrets safe, you’d hide your diary inside of some kind of Saw-esque death contraption involving razor wire and jagged babydoll heads, but it felt inappropriate.

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