Light Box Arts

If you ever owned a Lite Brite as a kid, you probably already know; the only way to make art even cooler than normal is to have it light up! Light Box Arts has taken this concept to a whole new level and I’m excited to have discovered their products.

Light Box Arts is a sturdy 5-5/8″ cube, back-lit by LEDs. It runs on two AAA batteries, so it can be placed anywhere you choose without worrying about cords. The best part is that the artwork is completely interchangeable, so you can switch things up for different seasons or decorating schemes. The artwork comes as an insert which slides easily into the center of the frame. A black rubber plug on the bottom holds the insert in place.

Since Fall is upon us and my house is currently bedecked in all the Autumn glory I can find, I chose the gorgeous golden-leaved tree design. I love the way the lighting brings the picture to life, truly seeming to make it sparkle from within. I wouldn’t be surprised to catch a stray leaf drifting down when it thinks I’m not paying attention.

I also adore their cutely spooky winking owl, a perfect icon for the Halloween season. Again, the picture just comes to glittering, magical life.

The Fall offerings are obviously my favorites, but they have an overwhelming variety of choices available. They have designs for travel, vacation, tweens, babies, the kitchen, the office, the man cave and so much more. There is an inspirational quote or greeting for any occasion or holiday.Some of my other favorites include their Museum & Science collection, featuring flora, fauna and famous paintings. Their Library collection is also delightful. They even offer custom designs, if you’re looking for something more personalized.

Basically, the only downside to Light Box Arts is trying to decide which picture to use next!


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