Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime Movie Club

If you’re addicted to the particular cultural phenomenon known as Lifetime Movies, you are going to flip over the Lifetime Movie Club! You know who you are. The kind of girl (or guy, we do not discriminate!) who can’t get enough of the slightly over-the-top, campy, cult-following films that only Lifetime can serve you.

This service allows you to watch Lifetime movies anytime, totally commercial free. A new movie is added every day! And if you aren’t sure if you’ll love it, you can try a free seven day trial to test it out!

Lifetime Movie Club is available on multiple platforms including:

– iPhone

– iPad

– iPod

– Roku Player

And more!



My personal favorite Lifetime movie is the Saved By The Bell story. I always suspected those squeaky clean characters had a darker side, and boy was I right! You’ll be dying over all the juicy insider details.

Check out their service today and let me know what YOUR favs are.