Let’s Be Unicorns

Let’s Be Unicorns

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A friend and I were daydreaming together about going to one of the unicorn cafes in Japan or Thailand. I’m a strange conglomeration. The part of my brain that isn’t obsessed with punk music and Gothic fashion and horror movies is overrun with visions of fluffy bunnies and dayglo rainbows and candy that grows on trees. I never claimed to be normal.

This is why I need to be filthy rich. I need a mansion with endless rooms that I can customize into small worlds of their own. We’d have Halloweentown and a whole Nightmare Before Christmas area, a spa retreat tricked out like a hidden mermaid cove complete with waterfalls tumbling down mossy walls and deep stone pools to splash in. I’d have a recreation of Eloise’s NYC Plaza bedroom, an ice bedroom with frosty strings of colored lights embedded in the walls and fur throws piled deeply on the beds. And we’d have a cafe exactly like the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, with every inch a pastel rainbow delight.

unicorn cafe bangkok thailand japan rainbow clouds plush stuffed fashion food ice cream pizza horns pastel pink dream fantasy

Lately this book, Stuff Unicorns Love  by Jessie Oleson Moore, has been feeding my horned pony habit.

This book is adorable personified, relentlessly cute from cover to cover. They really didn’t miss a beat here, from the rainbow cover font to the perfect pink endpages. Even the dedication is a heart-shaped eighties throwback reminder of quickly scrawled notebook declarations of BFF-ness.

The illustrations are approachably simple, with clever twists. They even include a tutorial on how to draw the unicorns yourself.

The book is laid out in fun chapters that walk us through unicorn facts, the things unicorns love, where to find unicorns (the Bangkok cafe is mentioned!), what unicorns eat (complete with recipes!), and how to unicorn-ify your life (with plenty of activities). The author definitely leans toward the kind of corny humor that I’m completely tickled by- for instance, among rare species of unicorns we find the ewenicorn and the moo-gical unicow.

With all of the activities and food ideas, this could easily be a guide book for the sparkliest sleepover party in the history of the world. I recommend buying copies for all the guests though, because a serious tussle could break out over who gets to keep this.

The book is out now in hardcover from Adams Media/Simon and Schuster with a list price of $14.99.

I was in such a sugary glittery mood after reading Stuff Unicorns Love  that I started looking around for other ridiculously sweet unicorn finds that I now must share with all of you!

Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Bath Bomb

Add a little majesty to your bath with our Limited Edition Unicorn Dreams cupcake bath bomb. Only 25 assorted unicorns in stock so get them while they last.

Each cupcake features a fizzy Epsom salt base for soaking and a handmade sugar scrub icing topper.

Simply remove the wrapper and drop in the tub. The base of the cupcake fizzes and softens bath water for moisturized skin while the icing topper dissolves at a slower rate and is great to use as a pedi scrub.  Large bath cupcakes are the same size as real cupcakes (approximately 5 ounces).

Magical Unicorn Head Wall Decoration

  • Fit for princesses all over the land this wall hanging Unicorn head with crown is soft to the touch and very beautiful
  • Her mane is soft to the touch and yes she is that beautiful !
  • She is very easy to hang


Simply press a button for an emergency unicorn pep talk!
unicorn oreo chocolate covered decorated oreos party birthday holiday gift guide

Fancy Unicorn Oreos – Chocolate covered Unicorn Oreos

They come as assortment half as unicorn faces. If you’d like all faces please message me. They are handcrafted with non-toxic, edible gold paint, chocolate and fondant adornments.

These are hand decorated and made to order just prior to your event. Your Oreos are individually packaged and sealed closed they can also be tied with a matching bow.

unicorn sweatshirt warm soft hoodie hoody watercolor painting magical pretty beautiful

Watercolor Unicorn Hoodie

A gorgeous fairytale watercolor painting rendition.


makeup beauty brushes beauty bloggers fantasy brush set purple sparkle glitter unicorn


Makeup Brush Set


  • BEAUTIFUL HIGHLIGHTS AND CONTOURS– Makeup artist set, apply makeup for all types of powder, gel, mineral or liquid makeup.
  • SUPER GORGEOUS SET – They come in 10 different types of brushes which you can use for eyeshadow, blush and bronzer, lip liners, concealers and natural makeup
  • SOFT&LUXURIOUS -Makeup Brushes are made of quality synthetic fiber. No worry about hair shedding or skin hurting, suitable for even the most sensitive skin

unicorn necklace fantasy jewelry blog gift guide magic pretty unusual unique

Fantasy Collection Unicorn Necklace


unicorn gigure figurine toy toys blog gift guide collectibles


Schleich North America Rainbow Unicorn Mare Toy Figure

unicorn blanket home goods blog gift guide pretty magic fantasy

Fantasy Unicorn Fleece Blanket


I’d love to hear about your unicorn-related finds and destinations, so I can add them to my list of things to dream about as the rainbows and clouds roll by.






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