A Lesson On Generosity: How Nicki Minaj Just Outclassed Everyone

A Lesson On Generosity: How Nicki Minaj Just Outclassed Everyone

It’s a strange time in America, I think most of us can agree. We’re currently being led by a megalomaniacal, pathologically lying shyster of an old man whose one accidentally true statement may have been that he doesn’t stand  behind anything. Clamoring and jostling just beneath him, we have a GOP-majority Congress running wild like unchecked kids in a candy store, gleefully attempting to rape the land, pillage from the poor, and basically make life hell for anyone who isn’t a rich straight white Christian male. They’re racing each other to accomplish all this because I think even they are aware that this can not last. They’re going to be stopped and stopped hard- if not by the orange blight being tossed out of office then by the votes of their own constituencies.

Last week the House passed a healthcare bill that..well, I’ll try to be nice here. Let’s just say it benefits the rich in an exalted manner while strongly encouraging everyone else not to get sick. (Because you are screwed and you will die, probably horrifically. Oh wait, sorry, there’s no nice way to say that.) While the bill awaits scrutiny by the Senate, there has been much conversating and argumentating.

One weird trend I’ve noticed is underprivileged people defending our President, the GOP, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the filthy rich in general. How will those poor insurers run their businesses if they can’t charge whatever they want? Man up and stop being a whiny, entitled socialist! I hear a lot of comparisons between humans and cars.

It’s scary. Here’s the deal, my loves. People are not cars. A wrecked car is not the same as a hurting, dying human. Saying that equates getting sick with doing something wrong- which, by the way, is exactly what at least one of our Congressmen has said (and I’m sure many more believe but don’t have the guts to say in public.) When you take this stance, you’re also exposing your pro-life stance for the utter nonsense it is. Why is a baby precious and innocent in the womb, yet a gross burden on society and tax payers the second it takes a first solo gulp of air?

I think part of this comes from that elusive American dream. The idea that your pockets too may runneth over with gold someday. Some people dream this gilded dream and think about how when that day comes, heck no they aren’t forking over one thin dime to anyone else. It’s this lie we’re taught that if you’re wealthy, you obviously worked harder, were smarter, were verily even chosen by God. The same people who believe that and begrudge simple welfare plans like foodstamps- people who are honestly ANGRY that other humans are given the bare minimum of nutrition to simply stay alive- don’t seem to care or understand that rich folks are subsidized by the government more than any other group. Tax breaks, loopholes, a president costing us three million dollars every single weekend to golf at his own resort and millions, millions more so his wife doesn’t have to sleep with him.

Amidst all of this, I saw something so impressive yesterday, and so refreshingly unexpected. Rapper Nicki Minaj took to Twitter and offered to pay off the student loans of her fans, as long as they could provide verifiable proof of good grades. In a short time, she had given away over $25,000 to pay off tuition, loans and book fees. And boom, just like that, this lady has done more for education than our entire current government.

I find this even funnier, considering that when President Trump had his freaky little powwow in the White House featuring Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, the only comeback his supporters could think of was “BUT OBAMA INVITED THAT TRASH NICKI MINAJ.” And it’s true, he did. You know what, though? Instead of gawking around and taking disrespectful selfies, Minaj and the other recording artists that Obama invited spent time discussing his My Brother’s Keeper initiative that supported programs to keep young people out of the criminal justice system.

The world is connected, whether you want to see it or not. Every single person, every action or inaction.  I’m often told that helping people is too complex, it’s just too hard. But it isn’t complicated at all. If you see someone in need of something you have but DON’T need, you give it to them. If you see someone drowning, you lift them up. You don’t step on their fingers and celebrate as they die because there will be more room now on the boat for you.

Whether you have millions of dollars, or just your time to give, it doesn’t matter. Nicki Minaj just shined a light.

Follow that.