LED Ivory Pillar Candles with Remote

I love candles so much. I’m not sure why– I suppose nothing quite compares to the soft, cozy glow and lovely ambiance of candlelight. However, having a house full of playful, curious kids and pets has made safety a serious concern. I can only use real candles on the lofty reaches of the fireplace mantel or safely tucked away around my own bubble baths.


With these LED Ivory Pillar Candles, I’m excited that I can still achieve the same pretty glow while not having to worry about fire hazards. They are actually made of real wax, which gives them an authentic feel.

The set includes four 2-inch diameter candles, one each at 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch. The staggered height makes them perfect to group together for a sophisticated display.


Now, I’ve tried flameless candles in the past and I have to say usually they end up relegated to a draw somewhere after the first few uses, written off as just not worth messing with. I think what sets this set apart is the quality and attention to design. One of my favorite features is the remote control. This is so much nicer than fiddling with each candle, moving around whatever display you have them in to find the switches, and remembering to turn each one off. This way, with one click, you’re done. It’s also a great battery-saving feature, since you’re more likely to actually turn them off.

Overall, I adore this set and can’t wait to show it off at my next party!

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  1. I’ll tell you what, I found a set of these at Goodwill and just for kicks, turned them on (they actually had the batteries still in them) and I bought them, they came with a tray with little stones, 3 set and I absolutely love them! I want more! I never have to worry about dripping wax, fires or using them up! I want more! The few good candles I have smell great when I want to light them, but to have the mood lighting of flameless candles is awesome, and no extra heat down here in Florida. A remote would be even more awesome!! Especially if it had a dimmer on them. High to low flicker…lol

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