Last Minute Holiday Cards With Hallmark & WalMart!

Last Minute Holiday Cards With Hallmark & WalMart!

I have received sample products to facilitate my post.

The holidays are always a chaotic time, for just about everyone I know. This year seemed to be extraordinarily so, possibly starting all the way back during Halloween. Glossing over the details, but giving you a quick overview, the last few months in my family have included surgery, a heart attack, a great recovery followed by a weird and more debilitating illness than the surgery, every appliance we own breaking, the internet not working for three months, the internet repair guy falling off the roof, the television almost immediately not working once the internet was repaired, a solid month of trying to get THAT fixed while I kept putting off decorating for Christmas until there was literally no time left. So the decking of the halls, the baking of the treats and the wrapping of the bright packages which usually takes me at least an entire month has been condensed down into barely a week.

I’m FINE, thanks for asking.

In all of this ridiculousness, Christmas cards were kind of the last thing on my mind. However, I’ve received some beautiful ones and want to return in kind.

Luckily for me, Hallmark basically saved my behind on this one. They let me know that they’ve partnered with WalMart to provide gorgeous, personalized holiday cards that can be picked up in store or mailed directly to your home. You can actually design your own photo cards and have them ready to pick up in an hour!

I found the process super easy even in my currently overloaded brain state. You just visit WalMart’s photo center and choose the Christmas or holiday card category. On the right side, you’ll see a list of options to help narrow down your choices. Under Designers, select Hallmark to see all of their offerings.

From there, you simply choose the card you love best. They have options for one photo or multiple photos in one design. They also let you choose the type of paper your cards will be printed on, from glossy or matte photo paper to a heavier cardstock. You just drag and drop your photos, personalize the text and you’r ready to order.

Me, of course, I had to order multiple different cards, because God forbid I choose just one. I love that they let you do this with ease- you can order just one of each card or in multiple starting at five. Each card also comes with an envelope.

My favorite cards turned out to be the ones featuring The Mighty Thor Thunderpaw. Since he’s our most famous family member, it seemed fitting that he would be the star!

I loved the experience, and was totally pleased with the results. It combined the quality I expect from Hallmark with the convenience of WalMart shopping. Next time you need cards for any occasion, check them out- I think you will love them too.


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Cards With Hallmark & WalMart!

  1. I am sorry you have been going through a bad spot to say the least. It will get better and like always, you will be fine!!!
    Love Thor on the cards, I always like when people do these, so fun!

  2. Good gracious you have had a bad few months. I hope that 2018 sees you happy and your family healthy. No more accidents or sickness!

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