Kitchenware Plus Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Set Review

Kitchenware Plus Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Set Review

**This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are strictly my own.

I just reorganized my kitchen and vowed to throw out all the random, hand-me-down kitchenware that I never use and that has somehow crept into every drawer and cabinet. This includes no less than six assorted cutting boards. None of them were very good to begin with- either easily sliced up plastic that I’m sure harbors germs in all those crevices or cheap, soft wood barely big enough to slice anything on.

Now that I have these beautiful Bamboo Cutting Boards from Kitchenware Plus, I can toss those old boards out without a second thought. These cutting boards are gleamingly gorgeous from the first glimpse- and the bamboo surface is substantial and smooth as you run your fingers along it. The boards have real heft to them that speaks of their high quality.


My favorite thing is that the larger board is HUGE. At 18 x 13″, it gives you an extra large, uninterrupted space to work on. The smaller board at 13 x 8.5″ is perfect for toting around the kitchen to protect your countertops from quick slicing jobs. Each board also has a drip groove to help prevent spills from messier jobs.


The boards are pretty enough that I will probably make the larger one a permanent display feature. I can picture myself wowing guests by slicing fresh-baked loaves of homemade bread and serving it right from this beautiful bamboo surface.


I also like that the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee- something I feel all companies should do. Stand by your product and treat your customers with respect!

Overall I was thrilled with these cutting boards and would highly recommend them.



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  1. I really like the look of these cutting boards. The bamboo looks GREAT. I also like the drip edges as well as the multi-colored tones of the bamboo.

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