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Introducing Kia and Kyle!
Junior Explorers combines cool science kits with collectibles, activities and learning with fun online games for kids. Each month, Kia and Kyle will take children on an exciting adventure that teaches them about the different habitats of our planet and the animals that live there.

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Let’s learn more about our resident explorers:

Name: Kia
Age: 11 years
Favorite Animal: Orangutan
Favorite Memory in the Wild: When I traveled to Tanzania with Kyle last summer and watched chimpanzees. It was the best!
Dream Mission: To explore the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. I’ve always dreamed of seeing my favorite animal, the orangutan, in its natural home and these islands are the only places they are found!
Role model: Jane Goodall—she’s a chimpanzee expert and has devoted her life to saving endangered animals.
Dream job: I am studying really hard to become a primatologist, which is someone who studies primates including lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, monkeys, apes and more.
Never travels without: I always keep my Junior Explorers Field Guide and my journal in my bag. Plus, I never forget my secret-recipe trail mix!

Name: Kyle
Age: 7 years
Favorite Animal: Jaguar
Favorite Memory in the Wild: When I saw over 200 birds on my trip Brazil. I saw (and heard!) so many toucans and saw a harpy eagle.
Dreams Mission: I hope to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. There are over 600 types of coral and 100 species of jellyfish there. I also want to explore the other side of our planet– the Arctic Region!
Favorite Person: My grandfather, who was the first person to take me into the forest behind my house to explore. I love listening to stories about his trips around the planet. He has been to all seven ecosystems, although his first time in a jungle was an accident! (That’s a funny story for another day!)
Dreamjob: I actually have two! The first is to be a field scientist in the Amazon forest. I would get to work in the jungles of the Amazon, learning about the animals, ecosystem and discovering new species! My second dream job is to be herpetologist– a scientist who studies amphibians and reptiles!
Never travels without: I always take my binoculars for spotting animals and my lucky bandana, it has gotten me out of a few tricky situations!

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