Junior Explorers

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Everyone is excited about subscription services these days! They’re an easy, fun way to receive new beauty products, home goods, and, now, toys for our kids. It can be hard to sort through the products and find the ones that are worth the money. Junior Explorers is a kids subscription program that stands out from the rest.

Junior Explorers is a subscription service for kids 6-11 that teaches them all about wildlife and nature through exciting adventures that are sent home each month. Every month kids receive a kit in the mail sending them to a new ecosystem to solve a mystery in nature.

So why is Junior Explorers so much better than its competitors?

The mission of Junior Explorers is one-of-a-kind in subscription programs for kids. Junior Explorers aims to teach kids about wildlife and nature and foster in them a great love for the planet. Conservation is a new value that we need to teach our kids and it’s often really hard to do. Junior Explorers helps parents teach their kids about how amazing the world is and what they can do to protect it.

Junior Explorers also teaches kids about the value of philanthropy with Mission Giveback. At the end of every mission, kids see a handful of not-for-profit projects doing front line conservation in the ecosystem they just visited. Kids select their favorite real-world project and watch as their earned points are converted into a real dollar donation. No program has ever made philanthropy a fun, exciting component of their game!

Junior Explorers is the only subscription program for kids that combines an amazing tactile product with a robust digital experience. Kids get the fun physical products they love, like figurines, animal trading cards, temporary tattoos and stickers PLUS an incredible online experience with games and learning.

On top of everything, Junior Explorers is affordable! Costing only $19 for a month subscription, Junior Explorers offers discounts for 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages. Sign up your child to Junior Explorers or give the perfect gift of exploration today!