Here at Yam Castle, we take our games very seriously! We have a huge collection spanning from antiques to modern fare. The problem with having so many is that new ones can be hard to find- especially new ones worth actually playing. Many modern games are seriously lacking in innovation, often just regurgitating concepts from the past.

Having said that, ThinkFun! has become one of my go-to companies to find truly unique and challenging new games. Their latest offering, Houdini, is one of our new favorites.

This is a single-player game meant for ages 8 to adult. It features mind-bending entanglement puzzles around the theme of one of the world’s greatest escape artist. The box includes:

40 Challenges
2 Ropes
Lock & 2 Rings
Houdini Body & Legs
Trap Cage
Travel Bag

Each puzzle is featured on its own challenge card, held together by a ring that lets you easily flip through them. They lay out new ways for you to secure Houdini to the various props included, and then its your turn to set him free without undoing the clasps. It SOUNDS super simple, but trust me, your brain will be tied in knots along with Mister Houdini.

I love the striking, brightly colored imagery of the game pieces. The website also features challenge set up and solution videos to add to your fun. Although this is a single–player game, we had fun passing it back and forth, taking turn on new challenges.