Here’s the Mail, it Never Fails!

Here’s the Mail, it Never Fails!

Lots of fun stuff in the mail lately! I know my kittens like to see presents and prizes so I #yam sharing with you.

First we have a bunch of salsa by Ernie’s, from a blog win. I think the Perfect Peach sounds delicious but they all look tempting!

100_5278 100_5269

Then there was a package of new Crest Be flavors from BzzAgent. If you see me bzzzing about them, this would be why! I think I may not be adventurous enough to brush my teeth with chocolate, but the Vanilla Mint Spark was pretty good.


Fancy sunscreen, for hosting their giveaway.


Very cool Logitech Ultrathin Touch mouse, a Facebook win.


A super cute makeup case with a Sephora makeup palette, Goody hair ties etc from Cystex on Facebook.

100_5349 100_5346

Earrings from Outrage Fashion on Twitter.


Mabel’s Labels. A sample for joining their affiliate program. These are adorable and well-made. They’re having back-to-school sales right now if you want to click on my link and browse! Mabel’s Labels Back-to-School Early Bird Pricing


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask. This was a blog win and I love, love, love this stuff! Plus the brand in general.


Really nice free jet-flame lighter from Parliament.


Delicate, pretty earrings from Live Wordly on twitter. I like that they donate a portion of each sale to a non-profit in the item’s country of origin.


These gorgeous, ultrasoft Swankie Blankie pillowcases were some outrageously ridiculous price, but were marked down to normal human levels in Bergdorf Goodman’s recent sale. Anddd I snagged them for free with the gift card from the May GlossyBox. Yes.

100_5516 100_5518

These nail polishes from Frakker Laquer were a cool blog win. First of all, anyone who sprinkles their packages with random candy gets a gold star in my book. Plus she has color lines themed after awesome shows like Game of Thrones! She rocks. I’m wearing a combination of Bad Wolf and Wedding Feast right now and I love it.

100_5345 100_5342

Last but not even close to least, I got this sweet little package of items from FabulouslyFeminist. Check out her Etsy shop, she has super cute stuff with an important message! That little bird embroidered pin is so lovely and soft. And I adore the stickers. I feel like wearing the “if you are not angry, you are not paying attention” one on my forehead.

100_5360 100_5358

I think that’s all for now but don’t worry! I’ll have more treats for you to drool over soon. <3