HEALTOP – 100% Natural Skin Care Products for Kids and Moms

HEALTOP – 100% Natural Skin Care Products for Kids and Moms

I had never heard of Healtop, so when I received a package all the way from Israel, full of bottles and jars covered in mysterious markings– I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Most of the instructions are not in English, so be prepare to do some research before you use these.

That being said, I’m not adverse to a little mystery in my life. It turns out that Healtop is a company that provides all-natural skincare items, as well as vitamins and supplements and essential oils.  They offer a whole range of products for everyone from babies, to teens to moms.

The collection I received included five products meant to prepare for the winter. These included Winter Relief, Vitamin C, Vermor, Silky Feet and Soft Lips. Winter Relief is a cold supplement meant to help boost your immunity and fight off colds. Vitamin C is also meant to help boost your immune system. It comes in a concentrated liquid form which can be added to water. I didn’t have the faintest clue what Vermor was, even in English. Apparently it is a natural supplement for intestinal parasites. It’s taken the same way as the Vitamin C. I haven’t tried this one and I’m honestly not sure if I will. I’m a lil bit crunchy, but not that crunchy.

My favorites are the Soft Lips and Silky Feet. Both are made with a small number of natural and easily identifiable ingredients. And both do their job splendidly, providing baby-soft moisture to parched skin. They come in pretty little frosted jars and are vegan and cruelty free.

The whole set would make a sweet gift for anyone on your list, tucked inside a cute gift or even in a stocking!

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