Hashbrown Showdown

I was at the store on New Year’s to get some sauerkraut and black eyed peas (for luck!). I almost witnessed an old lady v. old lady beatdown in the frozen food aisle. One woman was reaching for the hash browns- there were only two bags left- when the second chick swoops in, hip checks the first lady and snatches them up. “Oh no you don’t, I need both of those!!” and hustles off down the aisle

So the holiday spirit is still alive and well, in case you were wondering. People are just as much greedypants wacknoodles as they were during Christmas.

I’m just sad I can’t throw my voice or I’d have been all like “Bitch, those hash browns are coming home with me!” and shoved the first lady after her. Because it isn’t a real party until you’ve got blood and dentures flying around.

1 thought on “Hashbrown Showdown

  1. Ha! Hashbrowns are hot commodities in the denture wearing generation. You GOT TO have 2 bags for when the first one runs out dontcha know!

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