Greta the Fox Wooden Swing

Greta the Fox Wooden Swing

Who doesn’t love the freedom of swinging through the air, watching the ground blur by beneath your feet? Every little kid deserves a swing in the yard to experience this joy. One thing I’m not a huge fan of are the gaudy plastic modern swingsets.

This wooden swing from Greta Fox is a nice change. It’s made for children from infants up to toddlers of about 3 years. It comes completely pre-assembled, you just have to untangle it a bit directly out of the box. It’s constructed completely of wood with a sooth, natural finish. The wooden beads on the sides are brightly colored to add interest for curious little minds. The overall look is classy and nostalgic.


The swing has a solidly built wooden seat surrounded by supporting bars and straps that hold your child firmly in place. The wood and other components are non-toxic which makes them safe for little ones who think everything belongs in their mouths.


The swing hangs by sturdy ropes that are threaded through each corner. We found it easy to install, though you will have to buy your own hanging hooks separately. Once installed properly, I feel the swing is extremely safe and well-constructed and will hold up to vigorous use. We chose to use it outdoors but it can also be hung inside just make sure your child will have plenty of room to swing without hitting anything.

I have received complimentary products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.