Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaning Kit

Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaning Kit

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.

I admit I may neglect the windows a little during the cold months. Tromping around in the snow with cleaning products just isn’t my idea of a disco party. However, now that the days are warm and the long afternoon sunlight slants through the windows, showing off every streak and speck of dust, my cleaning has gone into high gear.

Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaning Kit has been a huge help in my cleaning endeavors. This is one of the best glass cleaners I’ve used. It really does leave surfaces streak- and spot-free, without any residue. With other cleaners I often find myself going over the same window again and again, finally giving up at “good enough”. This one just leaves a sparkling shiny surface the first time.

Now let me talk about the packaging. If you care about A. the environment or B. saving money- and I think that covers about everyone! – then you’ll love their unique packaging idea. The kt comes with a sturdy, good quality spray bottle plus six concentrated capsules of cleaning product. Each capsule makes a 32 oz bottle of cleaning solution- you simply fill the bottle with water and let the capsule dissolve. So you’re saving at least five extra bottles from going to the landfill or recycling PLUS saving a bunch of money on cleaner. It’s also a great way to stock up and have cleaner on hand without taking up very much space.

Yes, I may be gushing a little, but I basically think it’s brilliant.

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