Google Chromecast Audio

Google Chromecast Audio

Perhaps I grew up watching too many movies, but I like to have my own personal soundtrack running throughout my day. There are very few occasions I’ve found that can’t be enhanced with the perfectly chosen song. Between the internet and so many cutting edge tech devices, it’s easier than ever to amass vast music collections and curate them into thoughtful playlists.

This can lead to a few issues, though. First of all, juggling your stockpile of music between tablets, phones, USB sticks, cards, MP3 players, laptops and more. Secondly, finding a way to play all those awesome tunes over something other than earphones or tiny, less than stellar built in speakers.

This is why I was stoked to try out the new Chromecast Audio from Google. It allows you to play music wirelessly through ANY speaker with a standard audio jack input. So if you have an old set of speakers with amazing sound stored away, you can drag those suckers out and bring them to life again.

You’re able to broadcast music from any device- phones, tablets, computers- and this gadget doesn’t rely on Bluetooth. Instead it uses WiFi to give a high resolution, stunningly clear reception. I love that Chromecast uses the power of the cloud to bring a seamless listening experience. You can set up speakers in every room, or outside for a party, and synchronize them all to give you continuous music throughout the house.

I found the devices extremely easy to install and use. They have a plug and play simplicity and were immediately recognized by my iPad and available for use. I could control the volume and song choice from anywhere in the house, and one of my favorite features is that since the speakers are doing the work, my tablet battery wasn’t being drained in the way music listening often causes.

If you connect with your phone, you can control playback while also taking calls and texting without interruption.

Plus you’re not limited to your own music collection, you can stream a mind-boggling number of songs, radio stations, podcasts and more through apps like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music. Check out what apps are available at There is literally more music and content available than you could listen to in your entire life, so I promise you won’t get bored.


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