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For those of you who enter blog giveaways, you know how often they can spiral out of control, bloated by thousands- or sometimes hundreds of thousands! – of entries. By the time you’re done liking and following and tweeting and standing on your head juggling fire with your feet, it can get a little disheartening to realize your chances of winning are practically non-existent.

Chin up, buttercup! I #yam here to help you. This page will be dedicated to truly low-entry blog giveaways that I find in my daily searching. I will try to update it as often as possible, so make sure you bookmark it and visit often!

By low-entry, I mean under 1000 entries, but most of these will have far less than that- often under 100!

If you are a blog owner with a giveaway you’d like me to link to, please leave it in the comments or use my contact form to send me a message. And if you win something from one of my listings, I’d LOVE to hear about it- please comment and tell me! It makes me happy to help others win.

Giveaways are USA or USA/Canada unless otherwise noted!


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24 thoughts on “Low Entry Blog Giveaways

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