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Give The Gift of Books With BOTM!

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I think it’s no secret by now that I have a deep and abiding love affair with books. I’ve written entire essays detailing my affection for the written word. My house could rival many city libraries. Plus it’s more comfy here, just pull up a chair and sit a spell. Indeed a real spell will fall upon you, a spiderweb of shimmering words cocooning you in their gossamer strands, weaving you into the pattern of character and story.

I love giving books as gifts, but I recently realized my taste is pretty quirky and eclectic. It might not be for everyone.  How can I still give the gift of reading, but have it be more suited to the likes of the recipient?

The Book of the Month is kind of a brilliant solution to this.  With a gift subscription, the gift recipient will get to choose the books that are right for them—every month. And they have options for every budget– you can choose a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription! The coolest part is that, no matter which option you choose, your gift will be with them, reminding them that you care long after the tinsel and holly are packed away.

The Gift Options:

3-Month Gift Membership: $44.97
6-Month Gift Membership: $83.94
12-Month Gift Membership: $143.88


Considering the price of books, these are extremely reasonable options. They also have great deals available including a Free one month trial to Book of the Month with gift subscription purchase and 30% off 3 months at Book of the Month + free tote.