Give Dads and Grads a Great Gift from Gazelle!

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Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!


Two notable events are occurring over the next month — Graduation and Father’s Day. With Gazelle’s incredible deals on certified pre-owned iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and iPads, you can give the grad and Dad a gift they’ll be sure to use and love.

Plus, from now until Sunday, May 31st, you can get 10% off any Gazelle certified pre-owned device of $169 or more with code GRADS2015.

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Not sure which gift to give the grad? Here are some helpful suggestions:

Middle School Graduate – Suggested device: Samsung Galaxy S3

Tweens (ages 11-12) typically want to do more with their phone than just text and play games. The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a large 4.8-inch screen that is perfect for growing hands. And Tweens can download plenty of free apps on the Android marketplace that will help them stay in contact with their friends over summer vacation. Android phones also come equipped with robust parental controls that can keep kids from downloading apps or accessing content their parents would rather they avoid.

High School Graduate – Suggested device: iPhone 6

Though some parents may wonder if Apple’s latest iPhone 6 model is the most suitable used phone for their older teen, this phone has several features that they are sure to find appealing. For instance, the iPhone 6’s Apple Pay function will help them manage their funds as they become more self-sufficient. And for those grads heading off to college in the fall, the iPhone 6 is a great way to ensure they will have a reliable device to help them stay in contact after they leave the nest.

College Graduate – Suggested device – iPad Mini Retina

In addition to being, well, miniature, the iPad Mini Retina features a beautiful design and an excellent high-resolution display. The 2,048 x1,526-pixel Retina Display and portable size make this device ideal for anything a graduate might want or need to do: reading, watching videos, surfing the web, playing with fun and useful apps, and … looking at job listings.

Truthfully, all of Gazelle’s certified pre-owned devices would make an excellent gift for any grad or Dad. And with Gazelle’s 30-point quality inspection, easy 30-day returns, and no contracts or strings attached, you’ll be about to impart some valuable wisdom: with Gazelle, you don’t have to spend a lot in order to get high-quality products.