Following Your Own Religion Before You Expect Others To.

Oh my sweet yams. I promised myself I wasn’t going to say much on the recent Supreme Court decision to treat gays like autonomous human beings. The thing is, if you know me at all, you’re already aware of how I feel. FREAKING ECSTATIC. And if you don’t know me, well silly, get to it! I’m fun and I hardly ever just randomly eviscerate people unless they deserve it. Lately.

I was going to leave it at my Blue Skies & Butterflies celebration cuppycakes plus a few snarkolicious comments sprinkled here and there. Oh but then- dun dun DUN- someone had to go breakin’ out the scripture and pastor-o-lizin’ and whatnot. Their huge, long post consisted of a list of the quotes that pop up if you Google what the Bible says about gayness. Plus a lot of the worst sort of “Now I ain’t perfect and I loves me some everybody, even though the Bible clearly states you filth are what’s ruining Americccccca.” So instead of biting through my face, I may have replied a little. I thought I’d preserve my thoughts here, since this person didn’t want to be bothered with silly things like debate or thought or logic:

Since I’m sure you’ve read the entire books of the Bible that you’ve quoted instead of just Googling and cherry-picking the ones that support your views, I can’t help but ask if you’re equally as passionate about all the other points the Bible is very clear on? And if not, why does this one issue matter more than all the other things God had to say?

We can start with Leviticus, since that’s where your quotes begin! Let’s see, how are those animal sacrifices to God working out for you? And the burnt offerings from a portion of all meat that you consume? (Chapters 1-5). Do you isolate yourself for seven days during your period to keep your family from becoming unclean by touching you or sitting or laying on anything you’ve touched? (15:19-24) Do you wear mixed fabrics in your clothing? (19:19) Do you cut the sides of your hair? Does you husband trim his beard? (19:27) Have you or any woman you know entered a church within 33 days of giving birth to a boy or 66 days for a girl? Did you provide a sacrifice when you finally entered? If someone you know broke this rule did you warn them about it and tell them they were ruining society and angering God? (12:4-5) Do you eat fat? (3:17) Pork? (11:4-7) Any kind of seafood without scales and fins? (11:10-12) Ever sold any land? (25:23)

That’s just a start, as you said “don’t worry there are more verses too!” My point here, which I’m sure you’ll dodge and convince yourself doesn’t matter is that you’re VERY MUCH choosing which things you decide to believe and follow. You’re judging others for not following your religion when you can’t even follow it yourself. And I promise TEH GAYZ don’t need your permission, approval or faux kindness. Telling someone you love them, but they’re a heathen and they’re going to burn in hell is not the same as actually loving all people, it’s a cop-out that lets you feel like a better person than you are.