Five Style Hacks for Moms

Five Style Hacks for Moms

Five Style Hacks for Moms

There is no doubt that becoming a mother complicates fashion. Little ones require a great deal of mental and physical energy, and there are days when it is hard to string together any outfit, let alone a stylish one. However, if you enjoy fashion, then there is absolutely no reason to abandon it after having kids. Follow these tips to enjoy the looks you love without devoting a ton of extra time or money to the task.

1. Always Get Dressed

In order to dress stylishly, you have to actually get dressed. On days when you are staying around the house or are running a few errands, it is tempting to hope that the leggings you wore to bed can double as your bottoms in the morning. However, making it a priority to actually get dressed will set the tone for the rest of your day. Even if your outfit isn’t going to be featured on the runways anytime soon, you will be glad you made the effort.

2. It’s All in the Feet

Shoes can make or break an ensemble. If you took the time to get dressed in an outfit you like, then why would you top it off with your holey running shoes? Believe it or not, you can buy shoes that are not only sturdy enough for chasing toddlers or cheering on the sidelines, but are also cute enough to make your outfit pop. Booties are an excellent shoe choice for fall and winter fashion, and many bootie styles also transition well to more formal outfits.

3. Personal Stylist Service

Put your eyes back in your head. Yes, having a personal stylist sounds like it would be crazy expensive, but many women have found it to be a lifesaving and affordable option. There are several personal shopping services available right now, so you can pick one that works well for your needs and budget.

Basically, you create a style profile that includes information on your lifestyle and personal tastes. Based on this information, your stylist picks some pieces and mails them to you. For some services, you buy the ones you like and send the rest back. For others, you pay a monthly fee for whatever your stylist picks. Personal stylist services work well for moms because they let you delegate the chore of shopping, giving you more time to spend with your family.

4. The Rule of Three

You may have heard of the rule of three elsewhere, but it is worth repeating. Adding a third item to your ensemble is what makes it a real outfit. It is easy enough to throw on jeans and a t-shirt, but that is a rather no-frills look. If, however, you add a scarf or a statement necklace, you will look like you spent more than 60 seconds getting dressed this morning—even if you still only spent 61 seconds getting dressed.

Stock up on a handful of accessories that can be paired with a variety of pieces. You will end up doubling or tripling your outfit options. Even better, accessories tend to be less expensive purchases, so you will save money.

5. Invest in Quality

As you add members to your family, it becomes more important to spend your money wisely. Because of this, many moms fall into the trap of buying themselves cheap clothes in an attempt to save in the short term. If you want to look your best, however, it is better to spend extra money on clothes that can stand up to the beating they will take.

A day in the life with kids is full of food spills, bodily fluids, and stretched clothing. Cheaper clothes will begin to show this wear immediately, and the damage quickly becomes irreversible. If, on the other hand, you buy clothes that are well-made, they will still look good after hundreds of snuggles, sick days, and trips through the washing machine. Over the years, you will spend less time and money shopping and more time enjoying your family.

Have Fun

These tips can help you dress more stylishly in your day-to-day life, but it is important to remember that they are just suggestions. They are not laws, and they are certainly nothing to beat yourself up about. Your family needs you to be happy and healthy, and dressing to the nines is not always a part of that picture. However, as long as you are having fun with it, keeping up with fashion is completely achievable.