First Day of School With Tea Collection

First Day of School With Tea Collection

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In my ongoing quest to find the perfect back-to-school ensemble, I decided to check out the new fall offerings from one of my favorite sites- Tea Collection. Tea Collection girl’s clothing sets are an easy way to purchase a bundle of separates that you know can be combined into endless outfit possibilities that will always look great together.

I immediately fell in love with the Oskar Dot Double Decker Dress! I don’t recall anyone making clothes this cute when I was little. I’m jealous! I was tempted by the Dessau Stripe Legging but I didn’t want to go too crazy. I would definitely get those for another day though.  I settled on the Polka Dot Leggings in Pink Slipper. I added the Smartwool Socks for cozy toes under the beautiful pink Elephantito Brogue shoes. I think the Potsdam Pullover Hoodie tops off the look nicely for those chilly walks to the bus!




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  1. (First Day of School With Tea Collection) They sure have some cute clothes at this site. I saw a few nice things for my grandson that I wouldn’t mind having

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