Finding “Me Time” With Yardley Soaps

Finding “Me Time” With Yardley Soaps

I think women always feel slightly guilty for indulging in “me time”. We have so many obligations and demands pulling us in every direction, from a successful career to a spotless and Pinterest-perfect house to children, pets, spouses, friends, community service, hobbies, social events and even social media. It’s exhausting. It’s easy to forget that if you don’t rest and recharge, you aren’t really offering your best self to the world anyway. So I reject the notion that we must be always on and at the beck and call of every person we know. I think we deserve a revolution of relaxation, a slower softer world where we treat ourselves kindly.

My favorite place for “me time” and self-pampering has always been the bath. I’m a water baby at heart, and a leisurely bath rejuvenates my soul. Since the kids are older now and I’ve finally taught them not to barge through closed doors, my bathroom has become my personal oasis, where I can shut out the world each day for a little while. I try to make it into a very spa-like experience, with deliciously scented candles, a stack of good books to read in the tub, plush towels and most importantly- tons of lotions and potions! Bubbles, soaps, masks, creams, scrubs, everything a  girl needs to feel like a queen.

Now, I recently received these bath bars to try out from Yardley, but my history with this brand goes back to childhood. I vividly remember thinking of their soaps as the ultimate in luxury, used by voluptuous women who probably spoke with French accents and owned lots of extremely frilly and scandalous undergarments. I have no idea how I formed this impression, but it has stayed with me for years.

My actual experience with Yardley’s soaps did not disappoint. Creamy Coconut was my favorite scent. Worked into a moisturizing lather, it made my skin feel smooth and soft while surrounding me in a cloud of pure summertime indulgence. I was transported to a tropical beach with tranquil turquoise waters, fluffy white clouds dappling the sun which sparkled as it played across the pure white sands. All I needed was a fruity drink and a cabana boy and I could have stayed there forever.

The Oatmeal & Almond is an exfoliating bar with a clean, fresh, wholesome scent- not overpowering or cloying. This one is sort of reminiscent of being in a Swedish spa, all modern, clean lines and earth-grown remedies. This bar is great for elbows and feet- or anywhere that needs a refreshing, healing scrub.

The English Lavender bar is perfect for the concept of  “me time” because the lovely scent gently soothes and calms you into a happy trance. I could easily have been bathing in an outdoor garden tub somewhere near a stone cottage, surrounded by rolling hills covered with lavender blooms.

The best part about Yardley soaps is that they are an affordable luxury: Single bath bars are only $1.29 – $1.49 each ($0.97 at Walmart). I can’t think of any other soap that works and smells this good at that price point. Yardley is found nationwide at mass, drug and food stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Shop Rite, HEB, Publix, Wegmans and many more. The new Creamy Coconut is available at most Walmart and Walgreens stores. You can find them on Facebook to learn more about the brand!



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