Fall Fashion LookBook: November Skies

There’s a certain fathomless shade of blue that only a November sky seems to bring. On those days when there isn’t the slightest cottontail puff of cloud in the air, the sun warm on your upturned face as you gaze into the wide expanse of forever, it feels like summer might be making a comeback, like summer might just decide to stay. It’s a shade that stands out even more shockingly blue against the fiery cloaks of leaves the trees have donned, as if nature herself chose the most dramatic possible backdrop upon which to perform her seasonal transformation.

That was the inspiration for my second fall look, November Skies. I’m trying to help you embrace the drama of the season and give you some timely outfit ideas to play with. Check out my Glam Punk look if you missed it!


For this look, I started out with the cozy, warm blue Bearpaw sweater boots. These are knitted on top with a sturdy suede bottom to cradle your feet in ultra comfort and style. I added a dark blue Denizen jean, it’s almost a black and helps balance the rest of the look.


On top I have a long, flowy bell-sleeved printed boho tunic with sequin and bead details along the neckline. This is the kind of shirt that makes you want to twirl in circles while the fabric caresses your skin and the wind swirls your hair all about. It’s also extremely on-trend with the 70’s-obsessed fall fashion runways.

I added a large silver feather necklace and matching small feather earrings from Magestical Jewelry along with a wire-wrapped handmade blue jewel necklace on a silver chain. The bracelet is a Tibetan-inspired silver and kiln-fired bead creation by MUFY.


I kept the makeup fresh and pretty with Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm Cosmetics, and kept the focus on dramatic eyes with Palladio’s Herbal Eyeshadow quad in Ballerina and Maybelline MegaPlush Volum’ Express mascara in Blackest Black.  I finished it off with Charla, one of my favorite Zoya nail polish shades. Amplitude X360 Earphones are sleekly low-profile and will keep your tunes flowing throughout the pretty days.

I hope you kittens are having as much fun with these looks as I am. I have one more for you, where I totally embrace the colors of the season and which you will see very soon!

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