Fabulous Fourth Of July Table

Fabulous Fourth Of July Table

I decided to do a test run of my table setting for the Fourth of July. I thought I’d challenge myself by just gathering things from around the house to fit the theme instead of rushing out to buy more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in belongings, even while being grateful for the excess. It seems like one good way to celebrate my gratitude would be to actually dust some of it off and USE it instead of letting it hide in the corners prettily accumulating cobwebs.

Part of my inspiration was this sweet package I received from Aaryne at the Make it or Buy it blog. She went out of her way to wrap everything so carefully and thoughtfully- in seasonally appropriate colors, even! She sent a box of the beautiful blue Heritage Ball canning jars, which I have been coveting for quite some time. She also sent a bag full of red and white party supplies- cute old fashioned straws, plastic cutlery, napkins and paper plates. I used most of this in my tablescape, and I loved her idea of  making place settings with the cutlery tucked inside the jars.

Instead of struggling to fit one tablecloth around the center pole of my umbrella table, I decided to use two different scarves, one on each side. That’s right, I mixed stripes and plaid and I’m not ashamed. The large red metal stars were hanging in my bedroom. The black lantern, lighthouse oil lamp and blue star candle tin were found in various places around my deck.


The blue and white pillow was nabbed from my kitchen. I made the USA pillow and will be posting the instructions  for you tomorrow, in case you want to make your own! I promise it is super simple, and I will even give you a no-sew option.


I’ve had the cute little Winnie the Pooh Uncle Sam figurine for years. He was proud to be drafted into service once again! A few little extras like the Darice rusted star and handfuls of star confetti were nabbed from the craft room. All of the dishes and glassware were super cheap at Target.


I may tweak a few things for the actual holiday, and of course we’ll need more tables than this. However, I ‘m pretty pleased with the result.















I’d love to hear about your Fourth of July projects, decorations and plans!


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    • Thanks so much! Extra guests are always welcome. 🙂 I’m definitely working on trying to improve my photography. I’m hoping to either save up for or win a professional camera!

  1. Loving your table cloth hack! I always just cut an x in the middle and slide the umbrella in. Looks like This party is going to be a good time!

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