Doggie I.D.

Doggie I.D.

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.

Nearly 4 Million dogs are lost in the US each year! Don’t let your fuzzy friend be one of them. Even though the Paw of Thunder is microchipped, I feel better knowing he has a tag with his address and phone number readily available. It makes it easier for a person who happens to find him to return him and it doesn’t rely on him getting sent to the pound or a shelter and on the workers there actually scanning him properly.

The Doggie I.D. is one of my favorite new pet products to come along recently. Each plastic-encased I.D. card looks like a human state driver’s license, complete with photograph, your dog’s name, address and number. They’re packaged with a convenient rings and clip-on hook that makes them easy to attach to any collar.

I thought at first that he would be bothered by this tag rattling around his neck, especially because he’s such a small dog. I didn’t want him constantly trying to chew it off. I was worried for no reason, though! He gave it a couple of licks and hasn’t seemed to notice it since.

Everyone ELSE in the world has noticed it. We’ve gotten so many compliments on how cute it is and questions about where we found it since he started wearing it. He’s quite the rockstar and has admirers everywhere he goes in town. Two ladies at a store we frequent were actually arguing over who should get to check out his new tag first! Haha, so beware rabid puppy fans, you may need to hand out tickets or get a velvet rope.

I truly love this idea and hope they expand it to include other pets. I’d also like to thank Doggie I.D. for their generosity- one of my Facebook followers will be getting a Doggie I.D. of their own, too!

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