Dish Fish

Dish Fish

I try not to think too hard about my dish sponges because they frankly gross me out. They start out all shiny and fresh from the package and seem to quickly turn into bacteria-harboring gunk fortresses. So when offered these new sponges from Dish Fish, I thought “oh those are cute” but wasn’t holding out much excitement beyond that.

I’m glad I tried them, though. They actually may live up to their hype. First of all, the cute fish shape isn’t just for show. A lot of thought has gone into this design. It fits the curve of your hand, and also fits perfectly along the curve of bowls and pans. The end smooshes down into the crevices of glasses but doesn’t tear off. Even the gill slit in the Scrubber is useful- cutlery slides right into it for a nice scrub.

I also noticed they don’t seem to retain food particles the way most sponges and scrubbies do. We cook and wash dishes by hand basically every night, so after one week a typical sponge is looking pretty beat up. By then I tend to toss the sponge into my “for filthy jobs only” cleaning basket (for tackling things like cleaning underneath the fridge, after which they will be promptly thrown away). The Dish Fish was still looking fresh after a week of scrubbing.

According to the company, the secret is in their exclusive PowerCell technology. Dish Fish have an open-cell structure that cuts through messes in both warm and cold water. The flow-through cells release food and grease, naturally resisting bacterial growth and odors. The flexible material is made to resist breakdown and won’t scratch your dishes.

All that sounds fascinating, but mostly I’m just thrilled that they work. Two fins up for Dish Fish!


I have received samples to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own.

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